Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who Says Winter has to be Boring?!

The kids have been outside almost every day (when the weather is warmer than -7 - my personal cut-off).  Playing in the snow, digging snow, sledding down the front hill and down Daddy's man-made monster hill out back.  However, we have also had a LOT of days that are too cold for little people to be outside.  I think for the most part, they have found many fun things to do!

Nate figuring out shape puzzles
Anna "reading".  SOOOO cute!

Mr. Men coloring fun!  There is a coloring page for every conceivable topic online!

Adrianna built a mega-blocks road down the hallway.
Nate raced his cars on it.
I love the creativity that boredom breeds.
Cut and paste!  Thanks Nannie for magazines!
Workbooks.  Adrianna will complete any page with a picture of food on it.

Washing dishes.  aka: sloshing water all over my floor!

Number puzzle.  Adrianna figured this one out all on her own.
Counting up to 20 now!

Assembling an army of screws and muppets.
Homemade hammock. 

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