Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Five

I babysit on Fridays.  A full day of 5 kids 6 and under.  I realize that this is the daily reality for some families - wow - but not for me!!  I am exhausted by the end of the day - and usually by the fighting and irritability of my own two kids rather than the additional three!  Overall though, I do feel that it is a good experience for both groups of kids - like a super extended play date.

1.  Before the extra kids arrived, we spent our Bible time reading about Noah in our Bible book. 

2.  After the kids arrived and were getting a bit bored, we spent some time doing a craft.  Gluing faces on a pumpkin to make our own "jack-o-lanterns".  We are not big into Halloween (actually, I am trying desperately to redeem the holiday rather than avoid it).  So, we did the gluing craft - Adrianna made two pumpkins and Nate even got involved and COVERED his paper with glue!  He's one messy kid!

Here's the template I used:  Halloween Pumpkin Craft

3.  Lunch time spurred a lengthy and involved discussion over healthy and unhealthy food.  Each kid gave examples of protein, fats (good and bad), junk food, healthy food (ie: vegetables, fruit - listing a HUGE list of each!).  It's these impromptu discussions that makes me really start to believe in "unschooling".  Randomly, without any planning on my part, they just GOT it and I had a on-the-spot lesson on health and nutrition with all ears open.  Wow.

4.  Fun book times.  Adrianna introduced the older two "guests" to her new favorite book - Richard Scarry's "Things that Go".  All three older kids had a GREAT time trying to find Goldbug as well as following the story of Officer Flossy and Dingo Dog.  What a wonderful book!

We also read If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss.  While I found it long and wordy, the kids loved the imaginative characters and at the end got involved in naming their own imaginary animals.  It would be a great follow up to get them to draw and name their own imaginary animal.

5.  Of course, the day also consisted of plenty of time outside - usually fighting over the wagon.  And, unfortunately, again - too much TV.  By far my biggest struggle is getting the kids away from that thing!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1.  The Farmer in the Dell

The kids have a toy that sings "The Farmer in the Dell".  While observing Nate dance like a maniac, I decided to build upon it (rare Smart Mommy moment) and teach them the song.  We watched a few videos on You Tube - including the Wiggles - and the song was cemented.  They then went and re-enacted the song with a variety of Little People and Care Bare figurines (from gumball machines at the grocery store).  Cute.  Music lesson complete.

2.  The Tree that Grew to the Moon
by Eugenie Fernandes

What a CUTE story!  The illustrations are WONDERFUL and the story is both quirky and beautiful.  We read through this story a few times.  The second time round, we stopped at each page and spent time imagining what we would do with a tree growing in our room or what animals would live in our tree etc.  I'm *trying* to learn to slow down my reading and engage the kids more rather than just read the book.  Get the brains and imagination involved.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Often when I mention homeschooling to various people, the question of socialization comes up. 

Our social day:

1.  Poppa came for a visit and walked both kids to the park.
2.  Speech therapy for Anna.
3.  A surprise afternoon visit with 4 cousins.  Anna spent time outside digging in the dirt with her oldest cousin (6) and later spent some quiet quality time with her youngest cousin (9 months). 

A very full social day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily Reading Time

1.  The Children's Bible in 365 Stories
Day 4 - Paradise Lost

This is a great Children's Bible.  Short, concise and engaging retelling of Bible Stories - one for each day of the year.  A great Value Village find!

2.  Funniest Storbook Ever
by Richard Scarry

Today we read: "Absent-Minded Mr. Rabbit" and "Sergeant Murphy and the Banana Thief"

3.  Cars and Trucks and Things that Go
by Richard Scarry

I figured that Nate would love this book but so far it is Anna who spends the most time with it.  Today she spent a good 20 minutes examining each page looking for Goldbug!

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Game

I attempted to play a game with both kids.  Anna loved it and Nate loved the idea of being included but was distracted by throwing the pieces around.  Anna and I will try again while Nate's napping!

Old MacDonald Lotto

Life Skills - taking turns, following rules, good sport
Developing memory.

New Paint

Anna loves paining so we bought some new paints for when Nate is napping.  We spent a good 20 minutes painting with multiple sized brushes and toothpicks.

Mostly playing with color and texture and different mediums.  Also developing fine motor skills while stirring the tiny pots of paints with a toothpick!


30 Minutes in the backyard.  Anna buried an apple and brought me a leaf present.

Phys Ed - gross motor skills - running, digging
Science - examined leaves, dug in dirt

Crazy Crayons

A great way to use up broken crayons. 

1.  Peel paper off crayons.
2.  Break crayons.
3.  Put broken crayon pieces into foil lined muffin tins.  (we mixed the colors up to make rainbow crazy crayons)
4.  Put in 400 oven for a few minutes - watch carefully to see when it is all melted.  (maybe 5 min?)
5.  Remove from oven and let cool.
6.  Draw, color and play with "crazy crayons".

Science:  Discussed with Anna how and why objects go from solid to liquid state.
Art:  Drawing with crazy crayons.
1.  The Sesame Street Treasury Vol. 13
Starring the Number 13 and the Letter T

L.Arts: "The Thirteenth Thing" - story
              "Tubby Time" - poem
              "The Terrible Tickler" story

Math:  "The Thirteenth Thing" - story
             "The Count's Counting Page" - identify and order numbers 1-13

Social Studies: " When I Grow Up" - different occupations

Science: "What is Tickling" - nerves & brain connection.

Monday, October 18, 2010

3 Angels Diner

My show from Material has moved down the street to 3 Angels Diner :)

Here are 2 shots including the blue walls of the diner.

Monday, October 11, 2010

images from my show at material

my show was awesome! it was the same night as the Broad Avenue Art Walk and there were probably 2,000 people up and down Broad Avenue.

after my show we ate at 3 Angels Diner. it was a great night indeed.