Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Five

I babysit on Fridays.  A full day of 5 kids 6 and under.  I realize that this is the daily reality for some families - wow - but not for me!!  I am exhausted by the end of the day - and usually by the fighting and irritability of my own two kids rather than the additional three!  Overall though, I do feel that it is a good experience for both groups of kids - like a super extended play date.

1.  Before the extra kids arrived, we spent our Bible time reading about Noah in our Bible book. 

2.  After the kids arrived and were getting a bit bored, we spent some time doing a craft.  Gluing faces on a pumpkin to make our own "jack-o-lanterns".  We are not big into Halloween (actually, I am trying desperately to redeem the holiday rather than avoid it).  So, we did the gluing craft - Adrianna made two pumpkins and Nate even got involved and COVERED his paper with glue!  He's one messy kid!

Here's the template I used:  Halloween Pumpkin Craft

3.  Lunch time spurred a lengthy and involved discussion over healthy and unhealthy food.  Each kid gave examples of protein, fats (good and bad), junk food, healthy food (ie: vegetables, fruit - listing a HUGE list of each!).  It's these impromptu discussions that makes me really start to believe in "unschooling".  Randomly, without any planning on my part, they just GOT it and I had a on-the-spot lesson on health and nutrition with all ears open.  Wow.

4.  Fun book times.  Adrianna introduced the older two "guests" to her new favorite book - Richard Scarry's "Things that Go".  All three older kids had a GREAT time trying to find Goldbug as well as following the story of Officer Flossy and Dingo Dog.  What a wonderful book!

We also read If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss.  While I found it long and wordy, the kids loved the imaginative characters and at the end got involved in naming their own imaginary animals.  It would be a great follow up to get them to draw and name their own imaginary animal.

5.  Of course, the day also consisted of plenty of time outside - usually fighting over the wagon.  And, unfortunately, again - too much TV.  By far my biggest struggle is getting the kids away from that thing!

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