Thursday, October 28, 2010

1.  The Farmer in the Dell

The kids have a toy that sings "The Farmer in the Dell".  While observing Nate dance like a maniac, I decided to build upon it (rare Smart Mommy moment) and teach them the song.  We watched a few videos on You Tube - including the Wiggles - and the song was cemented.  They then went and re-enacted the song with a variety of Little People and Care Bare figurines (from gumball machines at the grocery store).  Cute.  Music lesson complete.

2.  The Tree that Grew to the Moon
by Eugenie Fernandes

What a CUTE story!  The illustrations are WONDERFUL and the story is both quirky and beautiful.  We read through this story a few times.  The second time round, we stopped at each page and spent time imagining what we would do with a tree growing in our room or what animals would live in our tree etc.  I'm *trying* to learn to slow down my reading and engage the kids more rather than just read the book.  Get the brains and imagination involved.

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