Monday, March 7, 2011

The Day of Small Things

"Who despises the day of small things?" (Zechariah 4:10)

I have.  Often. 
Days where all I do is:
  • cook meals
  • clean up after meals
  • get little people dressed
  • wash, fold and put away laundry
  • read stories (often the same ones over and over and over)
  • color, cut & paste, draw
  • sweep the floors
  • buy groceries
  • referee squabbles
  • discipline
  • manage baths
  • tidy up toys
  • get little people in bed
  • flop on the couch.
On those days I seriously question if I am doing much of anything.  And yes, there have been days when I have despised the day of little things - usually while my mind daydreams of grand and much more exciting adventures.

A whole life is built on a foundation of small things.  Millions and millions of small things.  And yet, somehow, in the midst of all the small things, God does a MIGHTY thing.  He molds an attitude.  He shapes a character.  He turns a heart.  He speaks.

As I wash the dishes (for the 3rd time today!), I watch the squirrels scamper up the trees and the cardinals chase each other and it's beautiful.  As I discipline my daughter (for the 3rd time today!) for not sharing and speaking rough to her brother, I am reminded to share what I have and to speak gently.  As I make the meals and clean up after the meals (for the 3rd time today!), I'm reminded of all those that don't have meals and I am grateful. 

All these small things reveal the blessings of God and we are TRULY blessed.

May we always be grateful for the small things and trust God to mold them into MIGHTY things.  May we have ears to hear the whispers of God in the middle of the mundane.  May we not despise the day of small things.

Simple Charlotte Mason
Streaming Faith

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