Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It is finally spring!  The kids race out to the backyard, pull off their coats, boots and socks and run in wild circles, arms open, heads back, laughing at the sun.  "I don't want winter to come back ever again!" That's from the girl who likes "cold things" - even she is done with this winter!

With weather that is both sunny and above zero, we've been outside daily.  I don't anticipate fitting nature study into our routine to be much of a struggle.  I'm looking forward to many upcoming months of hiking and exploring.

Making a chalk road for Nate

Nate riding his bike on the chalk road
First spring flowers!

so nice to see color again!

Chilly ride on the slide at the park
(love the "matching" stripes?!)


Why step when you can jump?

Goats at Mountsberg

Making a new friend

Aren't the markings on the feathers beautiful?

observing each other

I love spring.

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