Monday, November 29, 2010

Books We've Enjoyed This Week

1.  Uncle Elephant
by Arnold Lobel

Cute story of a little Elephant whose parents are lost at sea (it's never explained how or why Elephants are "at sea"...).  Anyway, the little Elephant goes to stay with his silly Uncle for a few days until his parents return.  Cute.  Kept both kids interest the entire way through.

2.  Small Pig
by Arnold Lobel

Nate LOVED this story.  It is the first story of any length that he has sat still and quiet for!  Cute simple story of a little pig who loves his mud.  When "the farmer's wife" vacuums up his soft mud, the little pig is so angry that he runs away and gets himself stuck in the city. 

3.  The Just So Woman
by Gary Blackwood

My just-so girl related to this story of a woman who needed to have things "just-so".  We read it multiple times.

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