Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fieldtrip

Homeschool day at Doon Heritage Village.  It's a great outdoor living museum of life in the early 1900s in our local region.  My kids went a little bonkers running around so I didn't get much pictures - just one while they sat and ate lunch!

The big hits:

1.   Train Engine 894 - a CP engine constructed in 1911.  Nathaniel LOVES trains right now.  We've been watching a lot of YouTube videos of trains and Nate literally squeals with delight.  Both kids spent a lot of time examining the wheels and climbing up to see where the coal was put into the tender.  At some point, Anna went into the station and looked at the pictures of a steam engine and really wants to know how a steam engine works.  Daddy will explain it tomorrow.

2.  Horse and wagon ride.  What kid doesn't love a horse and wagon ride?!  Nate's favorite was when the horses galloped - he yelled "going very very very very fast!!" and laughed his crazy laugh. 

3.  The church and Christmas hymn singing.  There was a simple organ and two ladies in period costumes singing Christmas hymns.  Anna leaned over and whispered "what IS this??" - she LOVED it.  Nate kept asking "piano? piano?" - he loves instruments and music.

We were all quite tired (and grouchy) afterwards but it was a nice day.

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