Thursday, May 19, 2011

One of Those Days

1. Adrianna work up at 4am screaming that her toe hurt.  Scott tried to help but gave up after 5 minutes of screaming.  I then tried to help and gave up after 5 minutes of screaming.  I left her with a sweet "you're on your own kid. If you want a hug you know where to find me" - apparently I can only handle 10 minutes of screaming at 4am.

2. Adrianna's screaming woke up Nate who decided he needed to sleep nose to nose with me.  Even 2yr olds have morning breath.  Apparently my tolerance for over-snuggly morning breath at 4:30am is pretty minimal too so back to his own bed for little boy.  He decided to tantrum.

3. Nate's tantrum woke Adrianna up who once she is awakened she does not go back to sleep.  At 5:30am I found her curled up in her little wooden rocking chair listening to music.  Since she had been up at 5am the day before (and did not handle the day well...), I decided I wasn't doing that again so I picked her up and put her back in bed while advising her that she MUST sleep.  She screamed.

4. Adrianna's screaming woke Nate up.  I gave up.  Our day started at 6am in a less than happy way.

5. There was no milk for cereal.  Kids eat cereal everyday.  Nobody felt rational about it.

6. There was no milk for tea.  I didn't feel rational about that.

7. Got everyone dressed and cleaned up and somewhat fed.  Dropped Adrianna off at preschool and took Nate to the
grocery store.  Decided that since we only needed milk, I could let him walk and finally teach him how to behave in the grocery store.  Note to self: "do not chose to teach a 2yr old anything new when I've only had 3 hours sleep and a miserable beginning to the day.  And no tea."  He revelled in the freedom and I forgot how fast he can run and how little he listens.  We drew attention.

8. Home with wild boy who then ate 3 bowls of cereal.  He was playing nice and quiet so I figured I could get the money tracked and save myself some time at quiet time.  He found me at the table and joined me to color.  He wanted me to colour too.  No problem.  Apparently it was a BIG problem as he has VERY specific demands when it comes to colouring. "Mommy, color the thumb red".  So I color the thumb red.  He looks up at me with big sad eyes and a quivering lip, "but I wanted to colour the thumb red!". oh. sorry?!  After 3 times of this I decided that I was not a good colouring partner and he decided I wasn't a good mommy and crayons flew and a little boy growled and off to time out.  Again.

9. Pick up Adrianna and send both kids to the backyard to play.  They found the little plastic pool behind the shed full of water from the rainstorm last night.  They added some dirt.  They swam.  I realized this and let it go.  Then Nate did not conform to Adrianna's commands and she hit him.  For the 3rd time that morning (it's only 11am by now).  So, in she comes. (The only natural consequence I can think of for hitting your brother is not playing with your brother for awhile).  Into the shower she goes (which she hates but when you are covered in mud and you have a bath you don't get very clean...).  So, a quick, and rather loud shower and by this point I've learned to tune out the screams and just get the job done.  Nate is next.  Same deal.

10. The highlight of the day - Adrianna made her own salmon sandwich!  Such excitement and joy.  Too bad she refused to have it cut and therefore the bread kept breaking and falling and, well, you guessed it, more screaming.  Her tolerance for frustration was rather low today.

11.  Quiet time.  Nate decided to flood his cars in their little plastic bin.  With pee.  Yes.  With pee.  He peed in the bucket of cars.  I was not a happy momma.

12.  Afternoon full of the normal squabbles and a rather low tolerance on my part for any of it.

13.  Hubby is caught in traffic.   For 2 hours. He gets home just in time for me to jump in the car and race off to work.

14.  The events my husband endured while I was at work:  (A) Kids "painted" the back of his shed with mud.  Again.  (B) Adrianna hitting and poking Nate with sticks (I guess, if she can't hit him, she'll poke him instead?).  (C) Hubby thoroughly burnt the steamed broccoli - pot is now soaking in baking soda and the house has an unusual aroma.

15. Work for me was uneventful and chatty and the best part of the day.  However, I do wish I could get to bed before 1 AM as I'm a bit nervous for what tomorrow holds (and what time it will start).

Deep Breath!

Never lacking in adventure! Enjoy it in whatever way you can.
I'm supposed to be thankful in all things - today I am thankful that tomorrow is coming and there is no way it can be as "eventful" as today!

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