Monday, May 16, 2011

Snapshots of the Last Few Weeks

I'm terribly inconsistent with my camera and often remember to take pictures of insignificant daily events (like Adrianna playing with vegetables) and forget to get pictures of the special events (like her 4th birthday!!).  I suppose I put more value on the day to day than I do on the "big" event - even though I know that is very important too.  Anyways, my husband has pictures of her 4th birthday and of the three weeks of various family visitors which is a good thing as I don't have a single one.  Truly.  But I do have pictures of Adrianna playing with vegetables and lining up animals for a grand animal parade...

Adrianna recently turned 4 and she is a DELIGHT.  Honestly.  Truly.  I am SO VERY THANKFUL to be out of the twos and threes with her and am LOVING the fours!  She is quirky and imaginative.  She can write her name and the entire alphabet in order and she handles her frustrations SO much better.  I generally really enjoy being with her.

Nathaniel, my sweet sweet boy has decided to be two and angrily exerts all his will at every possible occasion and by the end of the day I am so tired of my sweet boy that I am relieved he is in bed!  This change of character took me completely by surprise and I am more than a little sad to have to buckle down and set some firm boundaries for him.  This too shall pass.  God willing, it will pass gently and one day I will wake up to a sweet sweet boy again.  (Thankfully, not all the sweetness is lost - the other day he randomly hugged me and whispered in my ear "you're my sweetheart". Wowsers!)

Enough bragging.

Writing her own name!

That is a red pepper "baby" in my slipper (the baby cradle)

Her baby bear and baby butternut squash.

Animals on parade.

Happy Easter!

Happy little bunny digging in the dirt.

I can't keep this boy OUT of the dirt!  We are building him a sandbox.

A boy and his bears.

Daddy pretending to be a barber and cutting Nate's hair.  Love the adoring trust!

Daddy is no barber!  (the clippers came out soon...)

She loves to paint (and color) with every color.


Grumpy police girl.  She was NOT going to smile!

Bursting with glee.

In the fire truck!

Adrianna wanted flowers on her face.

Nate wanted balloons.
 And that is a small snapshot of our (mostly) happy little life.

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