Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reading This Week

I'm *trying* to let the kids choose more often what they would like to read rather than me choosing for them.  Previously, I would choose most of their books.  Now, we each get a turn - so three books, one Nate chose, one Anna chose, and one Mommy chose.  Funny, they enjoy reading much more now.

This week's picks.

1.  Harold and the Purple Crayon
by Crockett Johnson

We have been reading this book at least once every day this week. 

2.  Paddington Bear at the Circus
by Michael Bond

Both kids were fascinated with the whole circus theme of clowns and stilts and acrobats and trapeze and the ringmaster's top hat.  Nate's favorite part is Paddington imagining the Ring Master's hat full of marmalade.  Anna's favorite part was the ice-cream cone falling on the Ring Master's top hat. 

3.  The Important Book
by Margaret Wise Brown

I love the simplicity and beauty of this book.  The pictures by Leonard Weisgard are stunning.  The text is great for discussion - "what do YOU think is the important thing about rain, wind, sun, you?" etc. 

4.  The Dirty Little Boy
by Margaret Wise Brown

I don't like this book.  At all.  I don't like the illustrations of the "bad mommy" (Nate) and her super fat bum.  I don't like the mother in the story who tells her little boy to go watch the animals and figure out how to get clean and then later berates him for watching animals to learn how to get clean!  But, my kids love it.  They love the "bad mommy" and her ridiculous fat bum.  They love that the little boy tries to get clean like the animals because everyone KNOWS wallowing in a mud puddle like a pig won't get you clean!  They love the little boy's clean bare bum at the end of the book.  I guess that's why it is a kid's book and not a mommy's book.

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