Sunday, January 9, 2011

What We've Been Reading Lately

Time to get back into the "schooly" side of things.  haha.  (LIFE is school!)

Here are some books the kids have been enjoying lately.

1.  The Little Engine that Could
by Watty Piper.

Classic story.  I love the retro pictures.  Anna loves the fruit (she has a thing for food pictures lately) and Nate, well Nate just loves trains or anything else with wheels on it.

2.  Baa-Choo!
by Sarah Weeks.

A little lamb has a sneeze that just won't sneeze.  Kids love the suspense of sneezing stories.  Something about sneezes, hiccups and toots are insanely funny to little people.

3.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle

This book is PERFECT for us right now.  Adrianna can "read" the story based on the picture clues and Nate screams out the colors.  Quite the team.  Adrianna often "reads" this to Nate and he LOVES it.

4.  Whistle for Willie
 by Ezra Jack Keats

We spent a long time trying to whistle after reading this book.  It's pretty entertaining to watch toddlers/preschoolers try to whistle.  This book kept both kids full attention.

5.  Squirrel's World
by Lisa Moser
44 pgs.

I LOVED this book.  An ADHD squirrel is obliviously "helpful" to his woodsy friends.  It is just so darn cute!  (The squirrel reminds me of Nate)  :)

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