Sunday, January 16, 2011

What We're Reading

Some of our favorites this week...

1.  Pierrot's ABC Garden
by Anita Lobel

Adrianna loves pictures of fruit and vegetables and she loves gardens so this is one of her current favorite books.  Typical ABC type book - except she runs out of vegetables by U, V, W, X, Y & Z and gets a bit creative.

2.  How Does Your Garden Grow
an Owl Magazine/Golden Press Book

Another gardening book for Adrianna.  A worm, ant and snail describe a garden from their point of view.

3.  The Runaway Bunny
by Margaret Wise Brown

SO cute!  I absolutely LOVE the illustrations by Clement Hurd.  The story line is adorable too.  A little bunny is trying to run away from his mother and she follows him wherever he goes.  I'm learning that Margaret Wise Brown is always a winner in this house.

4.  Paddington Bear in the Garden
by Michael Bond

Surprisingly, Nate enjoyed this story more than Anna.  He was mesmerized by the marmalade and kept asking "where's the marmalade".  Adrianna was mildly interested in the garden but since there were no obvious pictures of fruits or vegetables it lost her interest.  I look forward to trying more Paddington.

5.  The Kid's Guide to Monster Trucks
by Michael O'Hearn

Nate saw monster trucks at a local carnival in the summer.  Ever since he has LOVED them.  Monster Truck videos on YouTube, Monster Truck toys, and I finally found a Monster Truck book at the library and sure enough, he LOVES it.  He now knows all the names of the different trucks.  I'm not sure how I feel about my 2 yr old knowing words such as "Grave Digger" and "Dungeon of Doom"...

6.  Mr. Tickle
by Roger Hargreaves

Adrianna has discovered the Mr. and Little Miss books and she LOVES them.  She has just entered the silly age and the sillier the better!  It's fun to see her lighten up a bit. 

We found The Mr. Men Show - Mr. Tickle Presents: Tickle Time Around Town! DVD at the library.  The kids laughed themselves silly!  Of course, their favorite is Mr. Rude.

We discovered the website for The Mr. Men Show and they had a blast looking at each character and their unique traits.  This is silly childhood at it's best!

It's been a fun week.

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