Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gingerbread Village

Last weekend, I took the kids to a local Gingerbread Village fundraiser.  There were a lot of gingerbread houses on display (at kid eye level!) - NO - I didn't get any pictures as I was VERY busy keeping little fingers from picking off all the candies!  There were also mascots (a HUGE snowman, a Frosty snowman, and a reindeer) - Nate got a kick out of those.  There were clowns, balloon animals, crafts, cookie decorating and Santa (which my kids wanted NOTHING to do with...).  Kids had fun even though I find these kind of venues very stressful as both kids have no fear of racing off to explore on their own - had to put Nate on a harness.

Waiting in line for a balloon reindeer.
 Decorating cookies.

 Finished product! (how many jellybeans can one girl cram onto a single cookie?)
Taste test!

mmmm....  jellybeans....
Silly Santa!  He has too many eyes!

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