Sunday, December 19, 2010

Money Money Money

Adrianna has always LOVED coins.  MONEY!  She finds coins everywhere.  In the couch, in Daddy's night-table drawer (and a little lesson on stealing), on the sidewalk, in the car etc.  She has a piggy bank and it is quite full.  Lately we've been practicing the Charlotte Mason-ish "habit of observation" - taking time to really look at and observe things.  We've examined each coin in detail.  Adrianna can now identify each coin and knows how much each one is worth (although, doesn't understand the concept of how much each one is really worth).  Her favorite quiet time activity is to sort a handful of coins and stack the coins and "buy" various items from me. 

"Mom, how much for a book?" 
"2 pennies and a nickel." 
She then proceeds to give me (reluctantly) the correct coins (which I then have to promptly give back to her).

Obviously this child-directed learning is math related on many levels.  Sorting (which is an important preschool math skill), compare and contrast, numerals and denominations, money (duh) etc.

Mommy: "What do you want to buy with all your money?"
Adrianna: "I know!!!  MORE money!"
ah, our little investor.

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