Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reading This Week

Are my kids too young for Christmas?  We don't really do Santa and despite my attempts to get the kids interested, they just aren't showing that much interest.  Adrianna is more fascinated with food and Nate with trains or instruments....  I keep reading them Christmas stories and winter themed books and we are attending various seasonal activities, but they just don't seem all that enthused...  I'm sure that will all change on Christmas morning though!

1.  The Spirit of Christmas
by Nancy Tillman.

Nice pictures and simple story line in this book.  I thought it was good...

2.  Counting to Christmas
by Nancy Tafuri

Nate liked this book.  Counts the days to Christmas while a young girl prepares for Christmas with various decorations and crafts. 

3.  Stranger in the Woods
a photographic Fantasy
by Carl R. Samss II & Jean Stoick

I love the photos in this book. 

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