Friday, December 3, 2010

Nature Study

It is a LOT of effort to get the kids outside these days.  Snowpants, boots, hats, gloves (that don't stay on).  Also, I personally don't particularly like being outside in the cold so I've been trying to convince them to be outside on their own.  Today I gave up and went out with them hoping that would encourage them to be outside longer. 

Immediately, Adrianna ran up to me excited at her discovery.  ICE!  The cup holder on the roof of the wagon was full of ice.  So we poked at it, examined it, discussed it (what does it look like? how does it feel?  how did this happen?  what would happen if we brought it inside?  etc.).  Both kids were VERY engaged.  And then their hands got cold and that was the end of that!

Here's Adrianna's journal entry.
"This is ice.  I saw lots of ice in my big red wagon.  It was hard and made from water.  The ice made my hands feel cold."

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