Friday, December 3, 2010

Organizing Food

Adrianna's current interest is food.  Not eating food.  Not cooking food.  Pictures of food.  She has cut out (or had me cut out for her) every picture of food from my magazines.  She has then created countless collages.  Cutting and pasting, organizing and sorting, creating - I'm sure she's learning something.  :)

If this interest continues into January, I'll make a little unit study of it and include the food pyramid, healthy vs. unhealthy foods, where food come from and how it gets to our table as well as a simple recipe.  I'm also actively requesting her to help me in the kitchen with meals - which she LOVES. 

She's also creating - I don't know what to call it? - sculptures? decorations?  random art with whatever is handy?  It's pretty interesting and she is always VERY attached to it and therefore the pictures (my only way to have her eventually clean it up!)

(this is a shelf of her favorite things - cousins, ice-cream and a gardening magazine)

I love the symmetry.

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